Friday, October 8, 2010

Prosecutors Push For Death Sentence In Case Of Mother Who Beat Her 3-Year Old Son To Death With Baseball Bat 20 Years Ago (News) The sentencing phase in the infamous "Baby Lollipops" murder trial resumes Tuesday as prosecutors push for the death penalty for Ana Maria Cardona.

Cardona was in a Miami-Dade courtroom Monday as testimony focused on a possible execution for the woman who was found guilty for the second time in July for the 1990 murder of her young son.

The 49-year-old beat her son with a baseball bat and dumped his body outside a Miami Beach home 20 years ago. Cardona was convicted and sentenced to die in 1992 for the gruesome murder of the 3-year-old, who was called "Baby Lollipops" by police for the design on his shirt.

He was later identified as Cardona's son Lazaro Figueroa.

The Florida Supreme Court overturned the ruling, and after 15 years behind bars, Cardona was released from prison in 2008.

This summer, another jury found her guilty again.

Cardona's lawyer made an emotional plea to jurors Monday to spare Cardona's life.

"Ana is not the same person that she was 20 years ago," defense attorney Teresa Enriquez said Monday. "As she sits here today, she has good in her heart."

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