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Floyd Mayweather Round Two! Mosley Fight Prep! Ducking Pacquiao?! Helping Haiti!

Floyd Mayweather Round Two!


The family of late music producer James “J Dilla” Yancey is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of West Coast probate attorney Alex Borden as administrator of Yancey’s estate, and also to announce the establishment of the official J Dilla Foundation. The developments mark a new chapter in preserving and enhancing the legacy of the legendary artist and secure a means of future prosperity for his mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, daughters Ja’Mya Yancey and Ty-Monae Whitlow, and brother, John “Illa J” Yancey.

“I’m so excited because it’s like one big organization,” says Maureen Yancey, who has worked tirelessly to ensure that the well-being of her family remains a priority for all involved and her son’s accomplishments are held in a positive and productive light. “We’ve got cutting-edge people all over the country waiting to work and be a part of it. Everybody’s on one accord it seems like the universe is working with us.”

Borden came on board last April following Arthur Erk’s tenure as Executor and has been working closely with the Yancey family in developing creative opportunities for J Dilla’s vast catalog of music. Says Yancey: “It’s awesome to not only have things back on the right track, but to have people who are really in your corner. I’m just blown away by the past few years, and working doubly hard to get things corrected, it drives you. It’s wonderful.”

The Estate will serve as the channel through which the Yancey family will receive financial benefit from the J Dilla/Jay Dee name, merchandise, and recordings; the goal of which is to create a successful, joyous, and profitable enterprise to be controlled by the family once the probate process is complete. All business dealings with the music of James Yancey, Pay Jay Productions, Inc. and the Estate of James Yancey should be directed to the Estate through the newly launched official J Dilla website The Estate will also manage contracts, copyrights, and other matters relating to the Yancey name and/or Pay Jay Productions, Inc., and welcomes ideas, requests, and licensing opportunities for evaluation and review with the family.

“We’re very happy about it,” says Yancey in regards to her family’s relationship to the new administration. “The entire family knows how Alex’s team works and how they’ve pulled together and stood up for us even before this time, and it’s just been excellent. The communication is wonderful. It’s like family…we’re just one big family.”

In a separate but complementary role to the Estate, the newly established J Dilla Foundation has filed for tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit charitable institution to help fund the development of music in the inner city and provide scholarships to students enrolled at schools with progressive music curricula. Four initiatives will be launched each year and three cities chosen to enhance local music programs, with scholarships awarded to one or more students at the beginning of the fall semester. Target cities for 2010 are Detroit, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The Foundation will hold fundraisers in each city with each effort anticipated to bring approximately in $10,000+ of donations.

“One of the things Dilla wanted me to do with his legacy was to use it to help others, people with illness, and kids who were musically gifted but had little hope due to poverty,” says Yancey, founder and chair of the Foundation. “The Foundation is to keep Dilla’s dream alive to help youth—those who aspire to make good music—and develop their time, talent, and nurture their skill. We also want to be there financially for those who are talented but don’t have the money or access to the networks they need to help them grow.”

By the time of his death in February of 2006 from complications due to Lupus, Yancey was revered by the music world for his contributions to hip-hop and R&B, emerging from the mid-1990s underground hip-hop scene in Detroit, Michigan to become one of the industry’s most influential artists. “Every year, Dilla and his dream get bigger and bigger,” says Yancey. “Every time I go to a different city and visit with his fans, the dream just grows. It’s something that I can’t even describe, and it’s not going to die.”


Estate of J Dilla/James Yancey

J Dilla Foundation

50 Cent Performs Live at Winter X-Games 14

DTMD "The Basics" (EP)

<a href="">Intro by DTMD</a>

Saturday, January 30, 2010

ArinMaya - (I Want) To Be Beautiful @ Kampe Ansam, Southpaw, Brooklyn, NYC

The Flaco Show, Jan. 31st @ Santos Party House

It’s the Light, It’s the Light

It’s quite cold here in the huge apple! 20 degrees but feels like below 0. I mean com’mon, but I figured this would be the perfect weather to stay in and write…. so here we go.

You ever think about how much we take light for granted? I mean, lets analyze. We have natural light which wakes the earth up in the morning hours and lights up the night hours for our late night adventures thru the city or whatever else we do. The sun shines no matter what and the moon gleams down on our cement & earth playground for evening games. The sun helps our plants grow so we can have beautiful flowers and fresh fruits, veggies & herbs. Grass & trees grow with help from the sun which in turn provides animals and humans with needs.

We have light from candles and wicks. When there was no electricity, we humans had to light a wick in kerosene or candles to be able to see when the sun went down. It helped throughout history. NOW, we use them for smelling purposes & romantic purposes only. Funny right?

Now-a-days, we have electric lights. You flick on a switch and there you go. The light fills the room so you can see. We have them everywhere we go. Lights now help animals in cages stay alive and healthy, we have dimmers on them so we can ’set the mood’ or just not have it so bright, we have ‘clap on, clap off’ lights, we have light planted in the ceiling, outlets to plug lights in & lights run on batteries.

I think we take a lot for granted. Without light, we would be in constant darkness. We would not be able to appreciate the beautiful colors we see each day, the people we meet and view thru our eyes each day, our computer screens [hahahaaa] & anything else I missed to include [which is a lot]!!!

I wrote this to remind you all [and myself] to stop taking the things that are most important in our every day life for granted!! We have so much, really do, even if we feel we don’t. WE DO! Live life to the fullest and never take anything you have or anyone you know for granted. We got one life, live it.

Until next time…. | Deuces |- Jade/thehugeapple

Brown Bag Thursdays Trailer 01-28-10

Sade - Making Of The Album

chesterfrench "Ciroc Star"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Airport Security Worker Placed On Desk Duty After Being Caught Napping On The Job

NY Daily News: Forget about catching terrorists. This airport security agent was too busy catching some Z's.

The Transportation Security Administration worker was put on desk duty after she was spotted sleeping in plain sight at LaGuardia Airport - the latest black eye for the federal agency.

Brooklyn traveler Bucky Turco said he had just arrived at his departure gate on Sunday when he saw the uniformed worker snoozing in a chair, head resting in her hand.

"I was shocked," Turco, 35, said, of the 8:15 a.m. encounter. "I've never seen a Department of Homeland Security official sleeping inside an airport."

Turco, 35, snapped a photo of the worker, who woke up about 10 minutes later during an announcement that the Frontier Airlines flight to Denver was boarding, he said.

After rising from her seat, the groggy employee immediately joined her colleagues who were performing secondary security checks at the gate, Turco said.

Turco was flummoxed by what he witnessed.

"In light of their recent follies, it just seemed that a federal agency beleaguered by bad news of late should probably worry about their image a little more," said Turco, founder and editor-in-chief of the counter-culture magazine Animal.

"To be fair, she could have been on a break. But you don't go to a precinct and see a police officer sleeping at their desk."

Turco posted the picture on his Web site. Someone sent a link to TSA officials Tuesday and the worker was immediately interviewed, an agency spokeswoman said.

The guard was put on desk duty pending the outcome of an investigation.

"We recognize that our officers have very demanding jobs that require constant vigilance and hours on their feet," TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis said.

"But nonetheless, it was completely inappropriate for her to rest in a public area while on her break as opposed to a nearby break room."

The embarrassing incident is the latest in a series of high-profile TSA gaffes.

Earlier this month, a 22-year-old TSA guard at Newark Airport left his post, allowing a romantic grad student to breach security for a final kiss with his girlfriend.

Just two weeks later, on Jan. 17, a Haitian evacuee slipped through a door leading to a restricted area at Kennedy Airport, sparking a security scare.

Critics of the TSA say the latest incident is minor compared with the other flubs, but revealing nonetheless.

"These people are underpaid, overworked. They don't stay in the job long, which tells you a lot about job satisfaction," said Bruce Schneier, a security expert.

"It all makes sense that you would see this sort of thing, but there's so many egregious things that the TSA is doing that this doesn't even [bother me]."

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Add-2 – Don’t Sweat the Technique

Thisis50 Interview With Reflection Eternal

Tony Yayo - "Bullets Whistle" Official Music Video

P.SO the Earth Tone King "Moon Tones"

<a href="">Incredible (Soundmen Remix) -Ft. P.SO, Homeboy Sandman, 8thW1, and Fresh Daily by P.SO the Earth Tone King</a>

who is Angel "Lola Luv"


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Tony Yayo- "Bullets Whistle" [Off Upcoming "Gun Powder Guru" LP- album prequel available digitally on February 9th!]


50 Cent interview at Craig Ferguson

Beat-Maker-Beat - ''ASTRAL THEORY MIX'' Vol.1

1. Intro
2. Space Kid - Sequence #1 (live on mpc3000)
3. Beat-Maker-Beat - Sunshine
4. Beat-Maker-Beat - Tha Long Way pt.2 (feat. Afri Manik Soul/PricetAG)
5. Space Kid - Mars (live on mpc 3000)
6. Beat-Maker-Beat - Heart non joke
7. Space Kid - RGH13
8. Beat-Maker-Beat - Stone Jungles (feat. Dare)
9. Space kid - Sequence #2 (live on mpc3000)
10. Beat-Maker-Beat - Misl-Volna (feat. Smoky Mo)
11. Mr. AstralDawg - Astral Dawg
12. Mr. AstralDawg - Psychonautica (feat. Ariff Akimov & EzBwoy)
13. Space Kid - Sequence #3 MF rmx (live on mpc3000)
14. Beat-Maker-Beat - Bonus track
15. Beat-Maker-Beat - Galactic Bounce
16. Beat-Maker-Beat - Dime (draft , feat. Afri Manik Soul/PricetAG)
17. Wayne Tweed feat. EzBwoy - Esli Ona...
18. Beat-Maker-Beat - Surprice
19. Beat-Maker-Beat - Big Black Piece (feat. Rasco)
20. Beat-Maker-Beat - We gonna go
21. Beat-Maker-Beat - Funk fanatix
22. Space Kid - Back stage
23. Space Kid - Space Love
24. Space Kid - The Hop'e
25. Space Kid - Sharmanka
26. Mr. AstralDawg - Stars
27. Advertising from 70x
28. DopeDogz - DAWG-42!
29. Beat-Maker-Beat - Street jazz
30. Nibiru (Skit)
31. Jack Harror - Astral hip-hop
32. Beat-Maker-Beat - My Dealz
33. Beat-Maker-Beat feat. Versus - 3sixty5
34. Beat-Maker-Beat - Do ya ready? (Live on mpc3000)
35. Beat-Maker-Beat - Love in You (Draft)
36. Jack Harror - Man from da Street
37. Space Kid - Low Beat
38. Space Kid - Tea (Draft, live on Mpc3000 & Moog)
39. Near Dream (skit)
40. Beat-Maker-Beat - ?
41. Beat-Maker-Beat - Tha Fly Joint
42. Outro

download here: ASTRAL THEORY MIX

my dilla t-shirt submission.


UK Singer Corrine Bailey Rae Says She Abandoned Music After Tragic Death Of Husband

WENN.Com: British soul singer Corinne Bailey Rae refused to listen to music or spend any time alone for a year after her husband's tragic death in 2008. The "Put Your Records On" hitmaker was devastated when 31-year-old saxophonist Jason Rae was found dead in an apartment in Leeds, England, with traces of cocaine and ecstasy in his blood.

The singer shied away from the spotlight and admits she was so overwhelmed by her grief behind closed doors that she couldn't pick up her guitar, write or listen to music without wanting to "destroy" everything in her home. She explains, "I didn't hear anything. Nothing came in. It's hard to explain. (All I wanted to do) was destroy things. I felt so much had sort of been... destroyed. I guess I can't lie about stuff, so there it is. You can't play it down. I felt extremely, extremely destructive, and I've never felt that before."

She insists, "I was really sad. I was really nervous. I didn't want to go to any airports. I didn't want to go anywhere on my own. I didn't want to be in the house on my own. I needed people around me, constant people. I couldn't make any plans - I couldn't even imagine the next day. It's an awful time - you can't do anything. It's possibly an endless time. That's all you can see, time."

The 30 year old is currently preparing to release her second album, "The Sea", which was partially inspired by her partner's death. She adds, "Even at this particular point right now, I don't feel like (Rae's death) actually happened. At other times I can feel it much more. I feel totally destroyed. I feel totally cut off from my favorite person in the world."

She continues, "But I just feel like this is the right time (to release the album). I definitely don't want to be seen as like, 'Oh, wow, she's soldiering on!' Because I don't feel like I am. At this particular point, I'm finding it to be the right thing to do." C

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Tyra Banks To Have Modeling Competition For Plus-Sized Teens

Celebrity Mania: Tyra Banks has recently made public her newest modeling competition which is dubbed to be the first ever teen plus-sized model search. The 36-year-old former model made the announcement over the new show entitled "Fiercely Real Teen Model" during her talk show "The Tyra Show" on Monday, January 25.

The "America's Next Top Model" host and judge has also put out a call for girls between the ages of 13 to 19 with dress sizes of 12 to 20 to join the show. In addition to the plus-sized dress requirement, Banks told Us Magazine in a statement that in order to be qualified for the competition, the entrants must stand 5'9" to 6'1" tall.

Talking about the competition, Banks told Us, "I've always felt it was my mission to expand the narrow perceptions of beauty." She added, "Through America's Next Top Model, True Beauty and The Tyra Show, I challenge industry and universal standards by featuring and celebrating non-traditional beauty, and stressing that true beauty is both inside and out."

The co-creator of "True Beauty" further expressed her unhappiness with the "plus-sized" term because it has such a "negative connotation" in today's society. "I want young girls to realize that what's considered plus-sized is the average American woman," she said, adding "I hope the contest helps teen girls discover their own beauty from the inside out."

The entry for Tyra Banks's "Fiercely Real Teen Model" will be closed on February 5 and finalists will be introduced on the March 2 episode of "The Tyra Show". The winner will be crowned on the following day and will receive a one-year modeling contract with Wilhelmina, a spread in a major fashion magazine as well as a photo shoot for a leading clothing line.

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ETERNIA: 5 Minutes Ago (01-26-10)

Karriem Riggins Thundercat – Suite For Ma Dukes

It was show day at the Luckman Theatre and February 22nd, 2009 marked our second concert of the Timeless series, Suite for Ma Dukes. As the Orchestra assembled, Karriem Riggins and Steve “Thundercat” Bruner sat in the back chatting and sharing jazz stories. Karriem and Thundercat, both jazz veterans despite their youthfulness, were having a good time. Then in a flash Thundercat broke out his iPhone and asked Karriem about Tony Williams. Tony Williams had been a jazz prodigy who at 17 had played drums with the famous Miles Davis Quartet with Ron Carter, and Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock in the mid-sixties. In the seventies his band Lifetime were an amazing fusion combo making some just incredible records.

Thundercat played Williams’, “Proto-Cosmos,” and Karriem knew the song straight away. Immediately they began to play. B+ happened to be standing there with camera in hand, and was fortunate enough to capture this joyful moment. Here it is, free, happy, improvised and spectacular. Just what music is about.

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2.Duck Season
3.The Hunger
5.Mind(i Miss California)
8.Bring The Heat
9.I Never
10.The Riot
12.Player(I Love Zapp)
13.Needs Spice
14.Melt Me
15.Ear Candy
16.Finale(The End)

download here:WestCoastCyco

Redman "Oh My"


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who is Briana Loyd

Kanye West And Amber Rose Hit Up Fashion Week In Paris And Run Into Chris Brown

CelebrityGossip: They’ve always been big fans of fashion and earlier today (January 22) Kanye West and Amber Rose were spotted hitting up the Yves Saint-Laurent fashion show as part of Paris Menswear Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 in Paris, France.

Miss Rose gave the shutterbugs an eyeful as she meandered around the scene, sporting a sexy see-through black dress.

From there, Kanye and Amber headed over to the Kriss Van Assche runway show where they ran into fellow celeb Chris Brown.

As for the “Hope for Haiti” telethon, MTV insists that they asked Kanye to participate. “We DID reach out to Kanye,” said a rep.

Instead, it seems West may not be interested. An insider revealed, “Kayne has to make everything about himself. He will do anything to steal the spotlight and, well, this night it’s just not about him.”

Bronx Men File $2 Million Lawsuit Against NYPD For Being Arrested For 'Crack' That Was Really Coconut Candy

NY Daily News: A drug bust of two Bronx men wasn't all it was cracked up to be - and now they're looking for a sweet payday from the city.

Cops accused Cesar Rodriguez and Jose Pena of having crack cocaine in their work van, but it was only coconut candy, they said Friday.

Charges were dropped after tests showed they were telling the truth, but the two men plan to file a $2 million suit against the NYPD.

"I spent five days in jail for possession of coconut candy," said Rodriguez, 33, an ex-con who works as a plumber's assistant.

He and Pena were parked near an Arthur Ave. bodega Jan. 15 when two police officers asked to search their green Chevy Venture van, the men said.

The cops found pieces of the crystalline candy - known as crema de coco and sold in bodegas across the city - in a plastic baggie.

Officer Anthony Burgos of the 48th Precinct arrested the duo for drug possession despite their insistence they were guilty only of a sweet tooth, Rodriguez said.

"I kept telling him it is candy," he said.

Rodriguez and Pena were locked up on a Friday night and didn't see a judge for arraignment until that Sunday, said their lawyer, Neil Wollerstein.

Pena was released after arraignment, but Rodriguez couldn't make the $5,000 bail a judge imposed because of a prior armed robbery conviction. He wasn't let go until this Thursday, the lawyer said.

"This all could have been avoided if they believed us and tasted the candy," said Pena, 48, a father of four boys who works with Rodriguez. "I thought my life was over."

Wollerstein said cops ignored proper procedure.

"They could have called for a field test [on the substance] and let these men go," he said as the notice of claim was filed with the controller's office.

"Either these two officers failed to follow procedure and were completely incompetent or they intentionally arrested these men for possession of coconut candy."

Stephen Reed, a spokesman for the Bronx district attorney's office, confirmed all charges were dropped.

"This wasn't a narcotic substance," he said.

The NYPD declined to comment.

The confection at the center of the case is widely available. It comes shaped like a rod and wrapped in plain cellophane.

Rodriguez said he crumbled his into pieces and put it in a Hello Kitty sandwich bag so it would be easier to eat while driving.

He got hooked on the sweet because his grandmother used to make it - and has no plans of quitting his habit.

"It just melts in your mouth," he said. "I eat this every day, and I'm not going to stop because of what I've just been through."

Friday, January 22, 2010

oddisee "album name Odd Winter"

<a href="">Ci'iy Life Feat. Tranqill by oddisee</a>

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chavez: US weapon test caused Haiti earthquake

Kanye West Banned From George Clooney's Haiti Relief Telethon

It looks like the actions of Kanye West in the past and his constant issue with checking his ego at the door hasn't paid off for the rapper even now.

In an attempt to bring as many supporters as possible to aid in the relief of Haiti, there have been countless telethons being conducted to raise awareness and donations for the country after the devastation that it's suffered.

Actor George Clooney is doing his part with his own telethon, but reports are saying that he won't allow West to participate in the fundraiser which will be broadcasted tomorrow.

Sources have added that they are going out of their way to ensure that West doesn't make an unwanted appearance, courtesy

“After what he said on the Katrina telethon and the way he behaved at the MTV Video Music Awards, everyone agrees it's just best that he does not participate,” said a producer.

Where some blame it on his passion, others look at it as a little kid trying to just get everyone's attention while embarrassing others in the process.

“Kanye has to make everything about himself. He will do anything to steal the spotlight, and, well, this night it's just not about him.”

There have been no statements released by West.

Damn, first President Obama calls him a ‘jackass' and now he's not allowed to help raise funds for Haiti…smh…the past always finds a way to catch up.

Jordan Leno " Freebies"

<a href="">Ahh Yeah by Jordan Leno</a>

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The Making of Mayer Hawthorne's "Green Eyed Love" Waajeed Remix

Guilty Simpson "Before The Verdict" remix (produced by Jinesis)

download here:Guilty Simpson "Before The Verdict" remix (produced by Jinesis)

First Look At On-Set Pics From Upcoming ''Predators'' Movie Hitting Theaters This Summer

AceShowbiz: The merciless creatures are seen in some of the images, which also feature the cast of the film including Adrien Brody and Alice Braga.

Several behind the scenes pictures of "Predators" have been shared on AvPGgalaxy, giving the first look at aliens from the upcoming movie. Additionally, the shots also capture some of the actors, including Adrien Brody and Alice Braga, posing on the film's set which looks like a barren jungle.

"Predators" began production in September 2009 and mostly took place in Hawaii. Serving behind the lens is Nimrod Antal with Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellan producing. Beside Adrien Brody and Alice Braga, the film has Topher Grace, Danny Trejo and Laurence Fishburne among the cast ensemble.

Serving as a reboot of the sci-fi franchise, the forthcoming movie will follow a group of elite warrior-types who are being hunted by members of a race of merciless alien trackers called Predators. 20th Century Fox eyes to release the film on July 7.