Friday, October 30, 2009

Emilio Rojas & Donnell Rawlings: 60 Moments ep.1 (Video)

Angelina Jolie's Never Before Seen Teenage Photo Shoot!

2009 BET Awards Cypher #3: Mos Def, Black Thought and Eminem.


Dim Mak 2010 Spring/Summer Preview

Showcasing their multi-faceted identity, Dim Mak preview a selection of graphic t-shirts for the record label/brand’s 2010 Spring/Summer apparel lineup. Collaborating with a strong list of creatives, the upcoming designs will feature contributions from UK artist John Rockaway , German fashion & club lifestyle label OMGITM (Oh My God It’s Techno Music), artist/musician Julian Gross, and Dim Mak’s own Ian Cross. Further graphics are sure to follow, so stay tuned.

Monday, October 26, 2009

50 Cent Shows Off His Kids In Exclusive 'Baby By Me' Video Preview

At the recent Los Premios MTV awards show in Los Angeles, 50 Cent met up with Destiny's Child alum Kelly Rowland. Several hours later, they were in each other's arms. Rowland plays Fif's leading lady in the upcoming "Baby by Me" video.

"I actually ran into her," 50 told us recently on the clip's set. "I said, 'Wow, it'll be great if I could get her to come tomorrow.' "

Fif said he also had his eyes on Columbian model/actress Sofia Vergara, who was at Los Premios too. "I had some ideas," 50 said. "Actually, I was talking to Sofia. I presented with her at the actual awards, and her schedule didn't allow for her [to participate]. Kelly was getting ready to fly back to Miami. I was lucky enough to catch her. I kinda begged my way into her doing it. I didn't want to do the normal video situation, where you have the vixen or somebody no one knows from anywhere. I think it intensifies the whole song."

As you'll see in MTV News' exclusive preview of the video, 50 and Kelly appear to have some kids together, and the world-famous rapper shows a wide grin when he carries his baby boys in his arms.

The full "Baby by Me" clip debuts November 2 on MTV Jams. 50's next album, Before I Self Destruct, comes out November 23.

Legendary Video Vixen Melyssa Ford Speaks On Being In Abusive Relationship To Howard University Students

BRAND NEW MUSIC from Outasight-"Catch Me If You Can","Downtown in My Mind"

download here:"Catch Me If You Can"
download here:"Downtown in My Mind"

Rakim Speaks On Hip Hop Respect & Maturity

Clipse Speak on Cam’ron & Popular Demand (Video)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A wee little on Jade

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this rain is so relaxing! Thought i’d write something new for today, but not about anyone else or anything, but about me. I live in the huge apple and love it. I pursue almost every passion I have out here and ( Praise God ) have been successful in doing so. A lot of you do not know ALL that I do. I get hit up on twitter, people not realizing that I am not into just one thing, but many. Here’s my talents…

Choreographer/Artistic Director/Artist Developer: This is the main one that most of you know. Once a song comes on with a beat that knocks or grows into my veins, I automatically start envisioning the moves and formations and video in my head. God has really blessed my creativity, making things that have not been done, become loved and accepted. I have run into obstacles because I am “white” “female” “21 years old”.. people doubting what I can really do and where my mind is at. YES, I have only been doing this for a year or so, but it is a serious gift from God, and I intend on using it for many many years to come. There is too much creativity to let it go. I visually can see EVERYTHING. From what the artist is wearing/doing/moving to where the dancers are and possible props for the stage/video and I see a video idea. It’s overwhelming, but I love it. It’s a passion that will never leave… ( the youtube page ) Go subscribe. You can see what I have done for Day26, Lil Wayne and some others…..

Actress: Oh you did not know? YES, I am an actress. I have done plenty of commercials, tv shows and just now getting into movies. But did you know I also do stage theatrics? Broadway/musicals and the like. This is a talent that I focused on a lot while growing up. Took a break from it, now getting back into it. Be on the look out……

Singer/Pianist: I have been singing since I could. I have been offered contracts with labels and the like, but every time, the time was NOT right. I have a wide range from Alto-Soprano. With voice training, I have also been playing piano for 6-7 years. I lost the passion for playing, but the talent is still there.

Writer: Yes, I am sure you could tell. I enjoy writing. This is something that has been discovered for quite some time, I just never really touched on it until recently. I love the constant feedback ( fyi )

So, there you have it. My God given talents that I am blessed to be able to pursue. Keep pushing for your dreams to keep moving forward…. do not stop. Ever.

Deuces- Jade

The Kickdrums - "Things Work Out"

Vida Guerra Does It Tiger-Style In Body Paint