Wednesday, December 30, 2009

South African Beauty Candice Swanepoel

CelebrityGossip: Rising up the ranks of the modeling world, Candice Swanepoel is quickly becoming one of the most sought after catwalk cuties in the industry.

The fresh faced 21-year-old beauty was born in Mooi River, South Africa, where she was raised up by her mother, Eileen Swanepoel, with no thoughts of becoming a supermodel.

Miss Swanepoel’s plans were quickly changed following a shopping session at a Durban flea market - as she was spotted by a local modeling scout who was quickly approached her to talk about possible work opportunities.

Changing her life on the spot, Candice has since become the first South African model to be chosen for Victoria’s Secret Angel campaign, also having been tapped for major ad campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and Nike.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Michael Jackson - This Is It - Directed by Spike Lee

12 Year Old Girl Trapped Inside Body Of Someone In Their 80s Defies Odds And Completes First Term At School

TheArgusCo.UK: A girl with a rare genetic condition has successfully ended her first term at secondary school.

Hayley Okines, 12, whose body is ageing eight times faster than normal, is one of only two children in Britain to suffer from Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome.

It means she is trapped in the body of a person in their 80s and her symptoms include baldness, arthritis and heart problems.

The average life expectancy for children with the condition is 13 but Hayley and her family live life to the full.

The youngster recently returned from a birthday trip to Orlando following a successful first term at Bexhill Secondary School.

Mum Kerry said: “She has settled in really well and made two really good new friends.

“The school has been hugely supportive and have helped her get around and go from class to class so she does not get bumped or knocked down by other students.

“She is doing well in lessons too and does not seem to be having any problems.

“On her first day I asked her if she wanted me to come in with her but she said she could do it by herself and since then has never looked back.

“I'm not sure we could say she is looking forward to going back to school next term as the novelty has worn off now but she is happy there and that is the main thing.”

The results of a two year US-based drugs trial treatment Hayley took part in to help slow the ageing process caused by progeria, are expected to be published in February.

The youngster is currently taking part in a separate trial and her mother says she is doing well.

Hayley, of Meadow Crescent, Bexhill, first came to public attention in 2005 when she starred in a Channel 5 documentary Extraordinary People.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Rapper's Sex Video Blog ( Must See) "French Game"

Lloyd Banks - V5 - Download Mixtape For Free Here

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13) No Escape feat Tony Yayo
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17) Big Bully - Full Version

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

POTENCIA INCISIVE "the never instrumentals"

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the never instrumentals

Eminem To Censor Homphobic Lyrics For Upcoming UK Concert

DaShadySpot: Eminem has agreed to refrain from performing homophobic lyrics during an upcoming festival in the United Kingdom next summer.

Organizers of the popular Wireless Festival 2010 were fearful that various gay rights groups, such an OutRage! would picket the concert.

According to UK’s Evening Standard, OutRage! has agreed to refrain from picketing the concert, as long as Eminem does not use lyrics that encourage or incite hatred against gay people.

Eminem agreed to sign up after he was assured there would be no protests at the show, according to spokesman David Allison.

Eminem also reportedly agreed to both parties demands that he censor his lyrics, to avoid confrontation with the gay rights groups in the country.

OutRage! and other similar groups have actively boycotted singers like Beenie Man and Buju Banton, who have had tours of the country interrupted due to protests over their homophobic lyrics.

At press time confirmed performers for the 2010 Wireless Festival include Pink and The Ting Tings.

The event takes place at London’s Hyde Park in July of 2010.

Rihanna Enters Guiness Book Of World Records For Most Downloads By Female Artist In The UK

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – The Fixtape v.3: Special Delivery

1. Doa Remix (New Arrangement)
2. Smoke To This (Lil Ronnie)
3. See Me Shine (1500) Thin C Siren Edit
4. Against The World (Duane DaRock)
5. What Have We Done (HC The Chemist)
6. My Street Blues (Dj Uneek)
7. Nuff Respect (Scott Storch)
8. Roam In Ya Zone (1500)
9. Let Ya Self Go (Donte Carter)
10. No Mas (unknown)
11. Too Small (Dsp)
12. Wanna Ride (Duane DaRock)
13. Break Up To Make Up (Thin C)
14. Life’s Been Good (Dsp)
15. Celebration (Thin C) – performed by Layzie and Flesh (Howse Boys)

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Amerie – More Than Love f. Fabolous

Friday, December 25, 2009

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Gets $10k Per Tweet For Ad Company

DailyMailCoUK: Some might question her apparent celebrity status, however Kim Kardashian certainly seems to have acquired some pulling power.

According to a report out this week, the U.S. socialite allegedly commands up to $10,000 (£6,300) for every tweet she posts on her Twitter account as part of her contract with in-stream advertising company

Kim, 29, is the highest earner on the company's books and the most popular on their roster of celebrity tweeters.

The former best friend of Paris Hilton currently has over 2million followers on Twitter and have put her tweeting services up for hire alongside U.S. stars such as Lauren Conrad and Dr. Drew.
Kim Kardashian manages to turn a simple salad advert into a reenactment of her sex tape

It is thought some of Kardashian's advertisers include Reebok EasyTone and Carl's Jr, the fast food chain.

The reality TV star often mentions using products from both companies, in fact out of 30 tweets on her page, five mention products from either company.

Which means, if the reports of her earnings per post are to be believed, she was paid $50,000.

Derek Rey, co-founder of, told U.S. website PRNewser that Kardashian can command $10,000 per tweet and that his company limits its publishers - as it calls Kardashian - to one paid tweet per day so as to not alienate her audience.

'We're not a polluter,' Rey said.
Kim recently signed a deal with Carl's Jr, which Rey states is not an advertiser with, appearing in a raunchy advertisement for their new salad range.

Meanwhile, the tweetaholic star has posted a behind-the-scenes photograph from a recent photoshoot in which she and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, spoofed Beyonce's Single Ladies video.

All three dresssed in tight-fitting Lycra bodysuits, with Kourtney in particular standing out - the eldest of the three sisters has just given birth to her first child.

In a backstage video shot by People magazine, Kim revealed she is currently producing her own TV show and she will launch a new line of footwear due to hit the shelves in 2010.

Off The Wall Sessions Ep.8 Mike Baker The Bike Maker

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

love me some Rosa Acosta

Tony Yayo - "Dirty Money" Freestyle


Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Manny Pacquiao Fight In Jeopardy Because Manny Refuses To Submit To Olympic Style Drug Testing

Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants Manny Pacquiao to submit to Olympic-style drug tests, including a blood test within days of their tentatively scheduled March 13 bout, and failing to agree to these terms could threaten the fight, Mayweather's camp said Tuesday.

Pacquiao has expressed reluctance to submit to a blood test within 30 days of the proposed world welterweight title fight, which will be staged at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

"As management for Floyd, we're insisting this Olympic-style, random [blood] testing take place to assure it's a level field before the biggest fight in history," Mayweather's advisor Leonard Ellerbe said. "We're definitely at an impasse."

Mayweather's promoter Richard Schaefer said a Pacquiao promoter told him the Filipino superstar would not agree to a blood test within 30 days of the bout because of his superstition against testing.

Pacquiao and Mayweather have previously submitted, and passed, urine tests for performance-enhancing and illegal drugs supervised by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Travis Tygart, chief executive of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, said a blood test can allow testers to detect use of energy-boosting synthetic EPO, human growth hormone and "a number of potent performance enhancers not detectable in urine. . . . With a [30-day] window like that, you could dope to the gills and get away with it."

Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, said Mayweather's push for blood testing is a ploy to avoid fighting Pacquiao, who has won back-to-back fighter of the year awards and has battered world champions Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto.

"I knew Floyd wanted a way out of the fight," Roach said.

Roach said his concern about the timing of a blood test has nothing to do with hiding anything. "It's 100% mental. If it's in your head that [a blood test] weakens you, then it will weaken you," he said.

Roach suggested a compromise, saying he would allow Pacquiao to give a blood sample one week before the fight, but no closer than three days before the bout.

"One would assume that he'd find it acceptable to be subject to the same testing that Lance Armstrong, Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather agree to," Mayweather's promoter Schaefer said.

In another development, Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, said Schaefer's Golden Boy Promotions has applied for a permit to stage the fight at MGM Grand..

Several venues, including Staples Center and Dallas Cowboys Stadium, expressed interest in staging the Pacquiao-Mayweather bout with guarantees of $20 million and up. But MGM Grand, with tickets ranging from $500 to $2,500 and other related Las Vegas properties offering closed-circuit seats, can apparently offer more than $30 million.

Source: L.A. Times

Kobe Bryant Talks Nike, Lil' Wayne & LeBron James With the.LIFE Files!