Monday, March 29, 2010


We've waited a long time Guilty Simpson & Madlib album and we're officially annoucing it today for May 18th release. Digital is available now exclusively at Stones Throw.

Strong Arm Steady - Best of Times feat. Phonte (Video)

Ski Beatz & Dame Dash – YRB Couch Sessions

Jamie Foxx VS Howard Stern: Jamie Foxx Roasts Howard Stern and Robin on His Show For Attacking Actress, Precious

Kelis – Acapella (Video)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Erykah Badu - Window Seat (Official Music Video)

Kanye West – Street Lights (Unofficial Video)

Its Back! Stripper Mobile Back On The Road After Being Shut Down By Registration Issue Tampa, Florida - Police put the brakes on the stripper mobile a few weeks ago, but Friday night the owners of the controversial vehicle say they plan on taking it out again.

"We are legal as of right now, we are legal," said Eric "Ice" Terrell the general manager of Déjà Vu, the company that the vehicle.

Terrell says a registration issue has been resolved allowing them to drive the stripper mobile again. He also says after meeting with police they've agreed to make some changes. They include having the dancers in the back of the vehicle wear more clothing while performing less suggestive moves.

"No body parts can be exposed and they cannot simulate any sex acts," Andrea Davis of the Tampa Police Department told 10 Connects.

Davis says Déjà Vu agreed to those conditions after meeting with city officials last month. She says the strip club has also agreed to keep the peep show on wheels out of neighborhoods and off the streets until 10 p.m.

"Obviously if they don't there will be consequences. But based on the meeting we don't believe there will be any problems," Davis said.

The stripper mobile created a firestorm of controversy when arrived in Tampa earlier this year. Prior to coming to Florida the vehicle with a stripper pole in the back had been in Las Vegas.

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Ludacris Disappointed With Failed Attempt To Get Lauryn Hill On ''Battle Of The Sexes''

Associated Press: NEW YORK – Ludacris' latest album features a number of female rappers — but the Grammy-winner acknowledges there's one lady he really wanted to work with.

"I think Lauryn Hill is like extremely talented and I can say I did try to do that, it just didn't work itself out," he says of the multiple Grammy-winning singer-rapper, whose only studio album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill," has sold more than eight million units in the United States since its release in 1998.

While the reclusive former Fugees performer didn't make it on "Battle of the Sexes," Ludacris' seventh studio release, he successfully recruited Lil Kim, Eve, Trina and newcomer Nicki Minaj.

Though he's managed to surround himself with female rappers on the new album, Ludacris knows that women haven't had the greatest success in hip-hop, especially in the last few years. He says that's because female rappers misjudge their audience.

"They want to rap for the guys when they should be rapping and being themselves and talking about what's going on with them," said Ludacris. "We want to hear women talk more about what women do as opposed to trying to be like men or talk about what men do."

"Battle of the Sexes" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album charts this month.

Willie Green & Nasa aka Adam Warlock "Law & Order"

<a href="">Flashback (Nasa Remix)- Del the Funky Homosapien &amp; Tame One by Willie Green &amp; Nasa aka Adam Warlock</a>

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tony Yayo - "Obama" Official Music Video - Directed By 50 Cent

DMC Team Japan 2009 World Final Documentary Footage

Word On Road TV 50 Cent x G-Unit Tearing Down The UK [2010]

Conscious "Air Wave" (video) Produced by Jinesis

Test Video: Air Wave Produced by Jinesis - The top video clips of the week are here


LLOYD BANKS on return from the WORLDWIDE tour with 50Cent, Tony Yayo, Governor and DJ Whoo Kid,will be performing live on April 29th at the Nokia Theater in NYC's TIMES SQUARE! Don't miss the chance to see Lloyd Banks perform his SMASH HIT single BEAMER BENZ or BENTLEY which is currently moving up the charts and was the #3 most added record at radio this week, and many other classics such as ON FIRE! Supporting Lloyd Banks at this show will be Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli and DJ Hi Tek). And with all the remixes currently circulating for BEAMER BENZ OR BENTLEY, you never know who could show up! So be the first to get your tickets!!

TICKETS GO ON PRE-SALE TOMORROW MORNING AT 10AM. Click Here for info: Banks Live At Nokia

Monday, March 22, 2010

"NY-Z" - An ABSOLUT Collaboration with Jay-Z


Dibiase - What Champions Is Made Of (CDR)
Dibiase - Electric Chairz (CDR)
Dibiase - Castle Brickz (CDR)
Dibiase - Rusty Bladez (CDR)
Dibiase - Supa Guilty (CDR)
Dibiase - Thrillatime Slime (AllCity 10" L.A. Series #1)
Dibiase - No Sleep (CDR)
Dibiase - Harmony (CDR)
Darkhouse Family - Mein Atari (Dibia$e Lo-Fi Reflip) (CDR)
Selfish - Kung Fu Smoke Interlude (CDR)
Dibiase (feat. Selfish) - Chameleon (CDR)
Dibiase - R&B Bullshit (CDR)
P.U.D.G.E. - Zoom (CDR)
Dibiase (feat. Tone Liv and B Stilt) - Give Em The Bizness (CDR)
Dibiase - Contradictions (Instrumental) (CDR)
Dibiase - Golden Palace (CDR)
Dibiase - Clock Out (CDR)
Dibiase - Price Iz Wrong (CDR)
Devonwho - Fedoraworm (Dibia$e Reflip) (Klipmode)
Dibiase - Rotten Applez (CDR)
Dibiase - Absolute (CDR)
Samiyam - 22222 (CDR)
14 KT - DAMN (CDR)
Devonwho - 7am (Shlomo Remix) (Klipmode)
Vincent Price - So Good (CDR)
Dibiase - 727 (Uncut Raw/First Toke) (CDR)
DJ Houseshoes - The Makings (Do-Over)

download here: RETURN OF THE SLUDGE

St. Joe Louis – Almost There (FreEP)

download here: Almost There

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Label Tells Joell Ortiz To Start A Beef If He Ever Wants To Drop "Free Agent" Album

For fans who are wondering what the holdup is on the Joell Ortiz album, Free Agent, Joell answered it via Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Joell spoke about his disappointment in the lack of support from his label.

“It's crazy to be on a label that says that no one knows me but when i get outside. the car horns beep and all yall yell YAOWA!”

“Its funny cause when I tell them to let me go cause Im such a burden the whole convo changes. I dont give a f*ck”

Although Joell has two singles in rotation that are burning up radio airwaves, “Call Me” and his remix to Lloyd Bank's “Beamer, Benz and Bentleys”, “Nissan, Honda, Chevy,” the label still feels that he is not received by fans as a “good rapper.”

According to Ortiz:

“The label asked me if I have a twitter account! Then they said I need to do something "controversial" (beef) to market myself. this is true!”

“I was told that I am marketing myself as a "good rapper" i need to be more rock n roll. I am not lying.”

Don't think that the lack of support is stopping Joell Ortiz as he is promising fans that there is more hot music to come:

“shout to all the promoters out there that support the real and all the fans that support. I give it all on that stage every night”

“btw, we leaking another joint next week with a video WE paid for.”

With constant statements like this, the majors are gonna be on pause in a second as being independent definitely seems the way to go in 2010.

Brooklyn Teen Slashed About Face Speaks On Horrible Ordeal Every time a teen looks in the mirror, she will see the V-shaped scar - a permanent reminder of the violence that erupted near her grandmother's Brooklyn home.

Shantayah Lewis, 17, sat in her room at Kings County Hospital Saturday, calmly reflecting on the Friday afternoon attack that left her with dozens of stitches in the left side of her face.

"My face is too beautiful to be fighting," Shantayah told the Daily News. "Fighting is not the key. Violence is not the way."

Shantayah was walking with her 15-year-old cousin, Shakeena Grant, on Franklin Ave. near Lincoln Place in Crown Heights about 3:30 p.m. They were being tailed by a girl who is dating the ex-boyfriend of Shakeena's sister, Shamaula.

"She kept following us," the injured teen said. "She wanted to fight."

After a brief scuffle, the 17-year-old girl who had been following the cousins vowed to return.

About 5 p.m. the girl came back with her boyfriend, the center of the beef. She then whipped out what witnesses said was a knife and started slashing.

"She swung and started stabbing my face," Shantayah said. "I didn't know what to do."

Shakeena, who was stabbed, was released from a hospital Saturday.

The two girls somehow escaped and ran to the Union St. home of Shantayah's grandmother, Cheryl Evans. The grandmother called 911 and the two girls were taken to Kings County Hospital.

Though the wounded teens believed the boyfriend was holding them down, cops said he actually was trying to break up the attack.

Police talked to the man, who said he was trying to help, and surveillance video backs up his claim, sources said.

Shantayah said the whole thing should never have happened.

"Basically, [Shakeena] fought for her sister," she said, referring to Shamaula, who used to date the attacker's boyfriend. "She should not have done that. We should not have been involved."

The young girl responsible for the attack was still at large last night and no arrests have been made.

*From Then To Now* Rare Look At Angelina Jolie 19 Years Ago She is now one of the world’s most famous women, but even at the age of 15, it was clear Angelina Jolie had star potential.
Jolie, the daughter of Hollywood actor Jon Voight, became a model in her teens, while she was a drama student.

With her bee-stung lips and sultry brown eyes Jolie poses confidently for the camera in this newly released 19-year-old photograph

She started her screen career in music videos, most memorably for the Rolling Stones and Meatloaf, before moving into movies.

Now 34, she is in a relationship with Brad Pitt and is an Oscar-winning star, UN ambassador and mother of six – two with Pitt and four adopted from Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Namibia.

Meanwhile, Jolie was spotted earlier in the week filming scenes for her new film The Tourist.
However, as she took a boat ride down a canal in Venice, it was not the beautiful scenery that seemed to hold the actress captive.
Wearing what seemed to be a conical bra, the Hollywood star was caught staring down at her pointy chest.

The 34-year-old brunette was on location for the movie, in which she stars alongside Johnny Depp.
Earlier in the week she was spotted with Depp filming scenes on the city's network of waterways.

The pair enjoyed a short cruise as they shot the film - but it could quite easily have been mistaken for something a bit more romantic.

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