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Drama On-Set Of VH1's 'Basketball Wives' Reunion Show Results In Cast Member Being Arrested In Front Of Stunned Audience

Police were called to the set of VH1’s Basketball Wives on Saturday in Los Angeles and were forced to detain one cast member, has learned exclusively.

The Syndicate Exclusive: Black Rob Talks Life in Jail, Says He Doesn't Know Diddy, Likes Jay Electronica + Spits Crazy Verse

Part 1: Black Rob talks about how he made music in jail, what is was like "inside" and what he did everyday for 4 years. He says he doesn't know "Puffy" and that Puff did NOT come visit him in jail. Says the only industry person to visit him was Sha Money XL. BR breaks down what really happened with the robbery charge and blames it on that "white girl!"

Who is Akira Adel? (pic + teaser = interview)

Some may argue that the world doesn't create women as it used to. With the recent passing of the likes of Lena Horne there’s a void presented by women whose legacies were based on a mix of class and spark, work ethic and dignity, a fighting spirit and natural beauty. Times have changed. Yet, the factors that produce the prototype of this type of woman branch through generations. Even Janelle Monae’s anticipated “Android” album gives a glimpse into the future, while preserving the rooted attributes of the past, within the performer. This is precisely what gives model, and entrepreneur, Akira-Adel her edge over the industry proclaimed competition.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


download here: PAPERMILL

Rapper Nas Returns With New Single "Hey Young World" (teaser)

50 Cent lost a lot of weight for his upcoming movie "Things Fall Apart"

50 Cent lost a lot of weight for his upcoming movie "Things Fall Apart". In the movie 50 Cent plays a football player diagnosed with cancer.
He dropped from 214 pounds to an astonishing 160 with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for nine weeks.

Marvin Gaye "What's Going On / What's Happening Brother"

39 years later released May 21, 971 Marvin's words are just as relevant today "What's Going On? "

courtesy of

T.I. Says Eminem Helped Him Through Tough Time By Reaching Out To Him In Prison

Red Cafe – No Witnesses

Janelle Monaé NYC's Performance

Sneak Peek: Nicki Minaj x VIBE Magazine

Nicki Minaj is going to grace the June/July Vibe Magazine cover and here is an outtake to prove it! No, this is not the actual cover. Just a teaser make you go crazy. Can't get enough? Peep this sizzling-hot photo gallery of Nicki Minaj over time.

Morning Glory (Trailer)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Urban Model Awards - Lola Monroe aka Angel Lola Luv gets a surprise

"Perry Porter"&Nujabes - Tribute To Nujabes​.​.​. "NuJams"

<a href="">Open (scarborough) by Sleep Steady</a>

80's Babies "Sonic Music"

<a href="">Sonic Music Intro by 80's Babies</a>

My name is a Oronde Baltimore (Episode 2 - Menace)

Melvin Bliss Documentary Trailer 1

AKAI Pro SynthStation Sneak Peek

DJ Scratch at The Core DJs Retreat in Orlando

Bob Power On The Nature of Great Music

Flying Lotus On Structured Art, Future Music Trends

GreenGhost DOOM Invasion

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homeboy Sandman & Spec Boogie (album release) June 1st at Sob's

Happy Belated Birthday To Video Model Suelyn Medeiros

So you think im only doing this as an excuse to post a bunch of steaming hot photos from possibly the baddest video model in the game? Well, i guess theres some truth to that lol.

Suelyn is obviously a ridiculously beautiful woman, but besides the obvious she is also a very intelligent lady that doesnt come across as the empty headed bobbleheads that are the reasons why video models get a bad reputation.

Here a little bio on her courtesy of and if you want more of Suelyn check out her site

On May 14, 1986 in New York City an ambitious sweet exotic beauty called Suelyn Medeiros daughter of Brazilian parents was born. Living most of her life in and out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she returned to the U.S to follow her big dream of becoming a doctor. Despite all the advice from friends and strangers that she should not put to waist her spontaneous personality and unique beauty and should become a Model.

Suelyn not seeing modeling as a potential career continued to go after her dreams. In 2005 Suelyn was invited by a friend to participate in a fashion show at fashion week in NYC and there she was scouted by an agency. She began to do photo shoots and book countless jobs. Soon modeling was no longer seen as a hobby it became a career option. Suelyn was intrigued by the charming magical world of fashion.

Conceited – Remy Martin
Los Infieles – Aventura
Thats that – Snoop Dogg
Im a Flirt – R Kelly
Wall to Wall – Chris Brown
Let it Go – Keisha Cole
Humpde Bump – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Maino speaks on Lil Wayne's prison time

Adult Film Star Pinky Sits at The Roundtab




Donwill & Von Pea "The Sandwich Shop"

<a href="">Spaintro by donwill (of tanya morgan)</a>

NSR "Cream Cheese, Butter, Jelly"

Red Cafe – Heart & Soul Of NYC (prod. Pete Rock)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Off The Wall (Midnight) Sessions - EP. 13 The Illz

Lloyd Banks - I Get Around (from 4-30-09 mixtape) HFM2 COMING SOON

The MC Faceman "2010​:​Year of The Worker Bee"

<a href="">2010: Year of The Worker Bee by The MC Faceman</a>

Megan Fox's Beauty Causes Couple To Split....Well Not Exactly A couple reportedly came close to splitting up when a male fan told Megan Fox she was ''beautiful'' in front of his girlfriend.

Megan Fox almost caused a couple to split when a fan told her she was "beautiful" in front of his girlfriend.

The 'Transformers' actress - who is regularly listed as one of the world's most beautiful women - caused an enormous row in Starbucks in West Hollywood, when she was accosted by a male fan who praised her repeatedly whilst his jealous girlfriend watched on.

According to National Enquirer magazine, he said: "You are definitely the most gorgeous woman on earth. You're a perfect 10! I've never seen anyone more beautiful than you."

But before Megan could respond, the mystery man's jealous lover stormed over and shouted at the unsuspecting movie star.

She told the pair: "Why don't you just stand on top of her, you're so close.

"By the way, you're not so perfect! Why don't you admit it - you've had a nose job and a boob job no doubt. Is that right?"

Megan, 23, was clearly unhappy with the scene being caused around her and decided to make her exit.

She told the pair: "I just came here to get a cup of coffee. This is so not worth it!"

As Megan made her way to the exit, the woman shouted to her: "You're really not that hot, honey. and you're certainly no Angelina Jolie!"

courtesy of

Wolf Gang & P.SO - Back To Back (The Soundmen Remix)

Curren$y - King Kong

Thursday, May 13, 2010

TreZure Empire "treeZ" (single) (prod. by Jinesis)

<a href="">treeZ by TreZure Empire</a>

Alicia Keys “Unthinkable (I’m Ready)”



The Dream Teams Up With The FBI And Purposely Leaks Song To Catch Online Hackers

TheUrbanDaily: In the ongoing battle to combat internet leaks, The-Dream teamed up with the FBI to find the source of leaks in the hit singer/songwriter’s camp.

On his Twitter account, The-Dream stated that yesterday’s leak of his collaboration with Diddy, “Champagne,” was encoded with a tag that the FBI could use to track the source of the leak.

He went on to say that three people were identified, and that the song “Champagne” was never intended to be on his forthcoming album, Love King.

Job Done.. As u know there have been several leaks around many records I do I am please to say the Record Champagne which was apart of a FBI investigation, has lead to the three individual’s who’s been hacking us for the last two years. im sorry u guys have to here unfinished music so i took it into my on hands to have every record i make since Nov 2009 logged with a Federal encripted Tag & will also appear on LK.

And Champagne is not on LK! it never was!

Royce da 5’ 9” - Slaughterhouse Recorded With Eminem & Just Blaze

Slaughterhouse hasn’t officially signed with Shady Records yet, but that doesn’t mean the supergroup haven’t gone into the studio with label head Eminem. just got off the phone with Royce da 5’9” who revealed that the crew have a song with the Detroit rap giant produced by none other than Just Blaze.

Royce detailed the experience recording the song for XXL. “That day was like a regular Slaughterhouse day on steroids,” he said. “We came in there. Just Blaze was sitting there. The beat is up. The beat is retarded. Em’s vocals were already laid. His verse is ridiculous, so you could imagine the kind of pressure that we was feeling. “

Royce isn’t exactly sure whose album the song will appear on, but that isn’t the only track he’s done with his old rhyme partner, Eminem. The two, who have been palling around a lot lately, also recorded a song together that Royce says might be on Recovery. Yet he doubts that him and Em will ever revisit their 1998 classic song, “Bad Meets Evil.”

“We been talking about that record,” he shared. “I don’t even know if that record would ever happen because we both would nitpick it so much, it’ll never see the light of day. That’s how we did with “Renegade”….that’s gonna be a tough one to get done to both our likings.”

Royce says it’s been great being back in the studio with Em, but more importantly it’s been even better hanging around him again. “Just being back in the same room with him…when there’s no type of issues. that’s what I always focus on more,” he said. “Just the actual friendship. I’m glad we back how we was. Like the creative shit will come, us ending up in the studio together a lot, is natural. I was around when he was mixing [Recovery] a lot. Just being there. Not having to put in no creative input, just being in there like a fly on the wall, just soaking up game. That’s what I value more than anything.”

Recovery hits stores on June 22 via Aftermath Records. —Jesse Gissen

Thisis50 Interview With D12's Bizarre

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Charles Hamilton Pens An Open Letter To Eminem

Rapper Charles Hamilton has penned an open letter to Eminem thanking him for inspiring his music and explaining how much of an impact he has had on his life.

Read his letter to Eminem below:

Dear Slim,

In 1999, I wrote you and Dr. Dre a letter. In that letter, I told you how your music has impacted me. I asked if I can be a musician for Aftermath, which probably turned you off, because everyone asks to be down with the “wave” at the time. In 2000, I wrote you another letter, just to tell you how much you saved my life. When I got rejected by Regis High School, I cried for HOURS listening to “Stan”, because I feel like I gave my 100% to my TACHS exam. After my rejection letter to Xavier, I cried to the whole album. I felt like believing in education was meaningless. And strangely, your music which pissed off gays and lesbians kept me going. I think what you and ICP have in common is the subliminal messages of encouragement. I never tried to backmask your music and say what you’re saying in reverse (until about 2 weeks ago; was just curious if you were one of the “them” I spent my entire career trying to not be; you’re not).

As of late, I found myself in a “Relapse” rut. I am nicer than any rapper that is to come. Period. And I don’t have a need to battle a Wale or a Cory Gunz to prove it. I know my lyrical ability, whether these hip-hop sites will admit to it or not. “He can’t make a good song!” “He hasn’t had a dope project since The Pink Lavalamp!” and “Charles Hamilton sold out!” haunt me to this day. Was it the “Brooklyn Girls” video? The “Charles Hamilton Is Back” traile

Not much pink in my pics because pink is inside. But I know. “Charles you look MAD funny in that pic”. And dude, I felt kinda awkward takin that pic because of your past lyrics and how I feel about same sex relations. Funny huh?

Moving on.

I was told not to put my freestyle to “Beautiful” on Binge3 because of the references to your daughter and Paul. I meant no harm, dude. I hope you don’t diss me for it. I also hope you indeed write songs to my beats.

I sound like such a groupie right now, it’s disgusting. It’s the inner Alison.

All I know is, I completed my dharma when I met you in Detroit. I have never felt better my entire life. We kicked it. Had a chat. Laughed. I think the Newports pissed you off. I hope not. I mighta crossed the line asking to live in your basement, but “you only get one shot…” I figured if we gon be label mates and I’m willing to listen to anything you say musically, I might as well be a roommate. And I felt like I only had one chance to ask you. You are that elusive. So, sorry if I weirded you out then.

I hear all the time you wouldn’t give a f*ck about me because I didn’t sell any records. I hope it’s not true. Inside, I know it’s not, but hey. I am someone who, once something is on the surface, it takes a lot to remove it. Pine-Sol.

lol one of my other wishes was to ride Razor scooters with Raven-Symone through Harlem. Some wishes don’t come true, and don’t come true so easy.

You remind me of my brother Marcus (in fact……..), because as much as I wanted to spend everyday getting picked on by him, I had to move to the city that is high on Coke 100% of the time (never sleeps). I wish I could spend more time with him. Then again… f*ck that.

Here’s a story. The last time I was in Ohio, we had a multiple-hour chat. He said he thought I didn’t wanna be with him, and I said I thought he hated me. He got more out of my dad than I did. He felt the same way. We both ended up lost.

Thank sunny days I found you.

You probably will read this. A lot of people will. Not scared (#ImNotAfraid). “I’m Not Afraid” is what is influencing me to do what I’m doing now. You think I’m scared of LA streetlights? F*ck outta here. Kill me with my iPod on peak (Apple holla at me, MTV come find me). I will be playing the 8 Mile soundtrack, I will be playing your catalogue for all that. lol. But this is for me. I feel like having access to a studio in which I went to school in the same building, kinda spoiled me. I’m working for this.

So radio stations, I want a million plus spins on “I’m Not Afraid”.

And Starchasers, I hope my music influences you to find the inner lightbulb within and blackout. Find your destiny through my music. I make DestinyFinding music. I never tell you to kill your parents, worship the Devil, sell drugs, or do anything that will compromise who you are. When critics say I try to hard to be different, I tell them (inserts a plug for “Normalcy”). And if you are a young’n (even an old gamer) in the streets tryna survive, I feel you. And I want to feel you again.

We will never lose touch, DimmingStarchasers. Not by a mile.

Hey Sega. Don’t touch my Dreamcast in your life.

Will I be back in Simone’s arms? Will I be Eminem’s public favorite rapper? Will I get my drive back to write the gutter shit?


Anyway Marsh, I’m going in and out of my HamiltonianZones again. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything about you, and the next time I get on a mic, a stage, or in a cypher, I will be doper than anything you’ve ever witnessed. Besides, Alison needed a white rapper to look up to, and Charles (well, I) have never felt an urge so strong in my life.

Truly yours,

PS: We should rap together, too!

oddisee "Odd Spring"

<a href="">The Blooming by oddisee</a>

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Mayer Hawthorne "One Track Mind" (video)

Beats by Rhettmatic: The Boom Bap Collection 2.0

Alot of people know me for being a Battle DJ/Turntablist, as a member of the Beat Junkies, or as a member and the Dj/Producer of the Visionaries……what alot of people don’t know me for as a Producer…period, and that I have been doing production for quite sometime. I actually want to showcase some material (some Old, some Album & B-Side cuts, some Exclusives) that people might be surprised that I actually produced some songs that was outside of my usual circle; You might be plesantly surprised to see whom I have worked with….Plus I included some material off the upcoming Crown Royale album with Buff1 & myself.

download here: The Boom Bap Collection 2.0

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Stat Quo – 2010

1. Bingo Freestyle
2. J Newt Speaks Again
3. Jungle (Produced by Illtone)
4. Lauryn Hill feat. Stat Quo – The Hustle
5. Lemon Freestyle
6. More Explosive (Produced by Lyr1Kz)
7. Open Book (Produced by Lyr1Kz)
8. Peace (Produced by Lyr1Kz)
9. Ridin’ (Produced by Focus)
10. Right (Produced by Tone Beatz)
11. Say Somthin Freestyle
12. Story (Produced by Punch)
13. Text Me A Pic (feat. Stat Quo)
14. Venus vs. Mars Freestyle
15. Whats Up (Produced by Ty Cutta)

download here: 2010

Jacques: The Sports Issue Trailer, 'Squash'

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beauty Of The Week Presents: “For the Love of Ray J; Season 2 Winner” Mz. Berry

Swagger Wagon – Toyota

The Doctor Who Cried Detox

Olivia Goes In On Drake Over "Control" Track "Wow, Is He Trying To Hate Right Now? I Thought That Was Corny"

A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Olivia said that if a song goes on a mixtape, it should be no holds barred. The former G-Unit artist said she was shocked that Drake released a statement to the press denouncing a song she has on her new Under the Radar tape called "Control." The record features a verse by Drake he recorded some time ago.

"I support artist collaborations and sampling music that inspires you, but I don't support taking unauthorized recordings and marketing them as features," Drake said in the statement last month. "I've never worked with Olivia, and I apologize to any fan who was duped into thinking that 'Control' was a collaboration of mine."

Liv was livid at the statement.

"I think that was corny, because it's a mixtape," she said last week while visiting MTV's offices. "[Drake] started off doing mixtapes. Are you serious? You really serious right now? I was like, 'Wow.' The producer sent it to me, everything was done. I'm thinking [Drake's] part was signed off on. The producers sent it to us saying, 'It's done. Can you do the record?' I'm like, 'Sure.' I was recording with Sean Kingston then, so it took us awhile to get back to them. Finally sent it back to them. ... Soon as we sent it back, we heard [the song] was out. So when I heard everything going on, I was like, 'Is he trying to hate right now?' I'm confused. I thought that was what mixtapes were for. First of all, we heard you got paid for it. It was cleared. So I'm like, 'Wow. That's how we doing right now?' But I'm good, 'cause you gave me more publicity. Thank you! Shout-out to Drizzy!"

Under the Radar features the controversial Drake record, plus other guests, including Maino, Serani, Webstar and 50 Cent.

"I wanted to put out new material for all my fans," O said. "They hit me every day on my Internet pages and say, 'What's up with all the new material? We want to hear some new stuff!'

"I got real supporters," she added. "That's what I have to say. "It's a blessing. Sometimes I feel a little discouraged because of the way stuff went down with the Unit. I don't regret anything, because I loved being there. But I wanted to be a solo artist. I wasn't treated as a solo artist; I was treated as part of the group."

Producer Bangladesh Goes In On Cash Money's Shady Business Practices: ''You Have To Sue These Guys So They Pay Up''

VIBE: Lil Wayne may be locked in Rikers Island away from the industry, but that's not stopping some of his associates from handling business with him. Grammy award-winning producer, Shondrae "Bangladesh" Crawford has a bone to pick with Mr. Dwayne Carter. A $500,000 bone.

"I don't fuck with [Lil Wayne]... and you can print that," Bangladesh told VIBE, when asked if fans should anticipate a reunion come his 2011 release. "Cash Money don’t pay royalties. The Carter III, [is] his biggest album probably because of “A Millie.” [But] you have to sue these guys so that they pay up."

The Atlanta beatmaker disclosed that he is suing for an estimated 500 Gs in owed royalty checks for his work on "A Millie," one of Wayne's most revered records of all time. A single that earned him Best Rap Solo Performance at the 2009 Grammy's and gave The Carter III ammunition to sell a million records it's first week of release in June 2008.

"It's [Wayne and Baby's] responsibility to pay [me] because all the money from album sales goes to Cash Money. I get checks from Sony for Beyoncé, checks from different labels for different artists, it just comes to you. You don’t have to call them, sue them and all that junk. This is what you're owed."

He continues, "I don’t really give a fuck about [Wayne]. I can't give a fuck about somebody that don’t give a fuck about my situation, I have kids. In the hood, people get killed for ten dollars. I couldn’t imagine owing someone hundreds of thousands of dollars and just walking around in front of them. I'm so confident in myself, that I don’t need Lil Wayne. There's gonna be so many opportunities. I can create a Lil Wayne."

A nominee for VIBE's Best Producer of All-Time, Bangladesh went on to explain the corrupted process of Cash Money, centering on Baby.

"This is why Manny Fresh don’t fuck with [Cash Money] because he never got any royalty money. That’s why Baby can go around flaunting this cash, because that’s everyone else’s money... It's not even Wayne's fault. Wayne is not getting money. He is given money, he's not getting money. If Baby gets a million dollars he’ll buy Wayne a Phantom, but that’s in Cash Money's name. That 14-bedroom mansion isn’t Wayne shit," he says. "That’s why he have his own company, because he was trying to leave Cash Money and the only thing that would keep him there was [if they] gave him his own thing. But Baby still controls that. All those Young Money artists don’t even know that they not getting royalty money."

And the beat goes on. According to the New York Post, fellow Carter III producer, Jim Jonsin—responsible for Wayne's infectious lead single, "Lollipop"—filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Wayne on April 20 for missing royalty payments. In May 2009, Dallas production duo Play-n-Skillz also mentioned to a local radio station that they were yet to reap any monetary benefits from their work on Wayne's third single featuring, T-Pain, "Got Money."

Bangladesh, who secured his placement on The Carter III when his friend and Young Money artist, Shanell suggested the "A Milli" beat to Wayne, recalls the first time he met self-proclaimed Best Rapper Alive. "Wayne is a different guy. I first stepped to him years ago. Don’t know if he was on drugs, but he ignored me," Bang says. "This was before 'A Milli.' I didn’t sweat it because I told myself that one day, I aint gotta say nothing, he's gonna like the music." The premonition came to life indeed. However, it's been almost two years since "A Milli" made it's game-changing impact and Bang says the New Orleans MC has still never uttered a 'Thank you' his way.

"This industry is a devilish game. And these are devils controlling the game," says Bangladesh who swears by self-rule. "I don’t wanna be caught up in it. I don’t wanna break bred with devils."

A rep for Lil Wayne did not respond to a request for comment. — Tracy Garraud

Jinesis "Candy" (video)

The Video for Jinesis's slinky audio escapade "Candy" was designed to take geometric lines and patterns and interpret the five senses we feel when in love into just 2: audio and visual. Open to the viewers interpretation, the video's Kaleidoscopic effect is intended to unravel the premeditated ideas of set borders when we think of love.

Director: The NGB
download album here: I'll Be

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Jesse Boykins III - Amorous (Official Music Video)

Who is Joanna Shari (pic + video)

follow her on:

Donwill "Love Junkie" (Wallpaper LIVE Remix) (video)

ArinMaya "The Sound of Arin Maya" (Ep)

<a href="">I Will Sing by ArinMaya</a>

Brandon Dramatic "WYDK 2: The ReMixtape" (mixtape)

download here: WYDK 2: The ReMixtape

Beyoncé "Why Don't You Love Me" (video)

Black Rob & BET (Video)

Young Jeezy – Trap Or Die 2 (Mixtape)

download here: Trap Or Die 2