Monday, February 27, 2012

Adam Reverie - Love The Way I See It (Album)

"Love The Way I See It" for me is pushing the barriers of not only Hip-Hop,but life. I'm a artist in the most judgemental genre of music where street crediblity and or traditionalism and legalism are what's expected. I don't believe anything can be prosperous if there isnt some type of change or growth within it.
So I Approached "Love The Way I See It" with a boldness and confidence that people would embrace my unveiled heart and vulnerable lyrical content and find it very relatable to them and their lives. I don't do this for any specific race or creed I do this for anyone with a heart. I believe Love has no color and to live is to Love or else you would no longer be here. GOD is love and through him we've been given life so in my eyes life is Love...This Project represents "Love The Way I See It"- Rev

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