Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jeremih Says 50 Cent 'Came Through' On 'Down On Me' (News + Video)

Jeremih was a lonely crooner on his self-titled debut album. For his follow-up, however, the Chicago singer recruited Ludacris for the first single "I Like." And for "Down on Me," likely the next single from his new album All About You, Jeremih worked with 50 Cent.

Jeremih said he wasn't trying to hog the spotlight on his first project.

"My first album had no features at all," Jeremih told MTV News. "It was an unintentional thing. Me and Mick [Schultz, his producer] were the only people in the studio, so that's just how it happened. ... So for this album I definitely wanted to collaborate, get in tune with some of the artists, even on Def Jam, 'cause we have the greatest on our label. Luda came through on 'I Like.' 50 Cent came through on 'Down on Me,' which is a contestant to being my second single."

The pair never met during the recording process, but they finally came face-to-face a few weeks later when Jeremih ventured to the G-Unit offices and played his entire album for 50 Cent.

"Thugs and gangsters listening to R&B, and I think they were digging it, genuinely, so it was pretty dope," Jeremih said.

On Wednesday (September 29), 50 also added his vocals to Jeremih's track "Waiter/ The 5 Senses."

"I'm a 50 Cent fan, even from his G-Unit when he first came out with Get Rich or Die Tryin' to movies and films and even the little short films he do with his CDs," Jeremih said. "I think he's dope."

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